For existing or potential partners

Can any FinTech provider sign up for the Backbase Open Banking Marketplace? – Yes, any company with proper APIs/SDKs that fits Backbase’s omni-channel banking vision of the future can join the Open Banking Marketplace.

How can I, as a FinTech provider sign up for the Open Banking Marketplace? Click on the ‘Become a Partner’ button and fill in the details. Then we will contact you about the procedure.

Why would a FinTech provider sign up for the Open Banking Marketplace?  Backbase has around 70 million end-users of numerous banks and credit unions that use our platform. The Open Banking Marketplace is an opportunity to reach out to those end-users and clients, integrated within our platform. 

For existing or potential Backbase clients

Are these FinTech companies the only ones with who Backbase can work? – No, we can connect with any vendor of choice through a custom integration project. Then the capabilities of the vendor are fully integrated within our Omni-Channel banking platform. 

Why doesn’t Backbase build all these functionalities by itself? -We at Backbase believe banks and credit unions should be back in control over their own digital experience again and we love to connect with software vendors who share that vision: an open platform where best of breed vendors offer choice to the financial institution.