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Flinks is the only financial data aggregator dedicated to the Canadian market. Flinks securely connects your company with your customer’s bank account to provide instant digital KYC, full account information, real-time account balances, transaction history and a Flinks Credit Score.

In a matter of just a few clicks and seconds our API is able to provide the following information about your end user:

  • KYC details (end user’s full name, address, phone #, e-mail address)
  • Full account information (account, transit, institution #’s)
  • Real-time account balances
  • Transaction history (90 or 365 days with an extremely accurate categorization engine, proof of income, analytics, etc.)
  • Flinks credit score – a score to determine the probability of the end user to go into delinquency based off of bank statements and behaviour – going way beyond the traditional scoring methods.


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