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Dateio provides the means to build a stronger connection with end users for traditional financial institutions and challenger banks worldwide through reconciliation and enrichment of payment data.


TapiX is Dateio’s API-based service that enriches payment data in real time and returns precise information about transaction identification which is then stored at the bank such as:

  • brand name
  • logo
  • website URL
  • GPS coordinates and address
  • categorization


Our mission is to deliver maximum data coverage possible. The technology is built on pillars such as AI-powered algorithms to reach and maintain high data accuracy and scalability; API which collects clients’ feedback for data quality improvement; and sophisticated algorithms and human verification.

To obtain transaction data no personal data of bank’s clients leaves the financial institution, Dateio is both GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Our data allow banks to reveal exact information about the payments and thus provide thorough source for financial institutions to make high impact real-life business decisions.

Main benefits that come with the implementation of TapiX are:

  • Improve client’s banking experience by helping banks to provide their customer with clean, easy to understand payment details.
  • New revenue Increase revenue by cross-selling financial services based on consumer behaviour / geolocation.
  • Alternative data projects. Obtain comprehensive insights into payment behaviour to execute various data projects within the bank.
  • Risk models enhancement. Implement automatic risk-scoring models based on PSD2 transaction data.



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