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AriadNEXT is the European leader in identity verification and digital onboarding. Available as a service or on premise, our solutions enable enterprises to optimize their customer acquisition strategy while mitigating the risk of fraud across retail, online and mobile channels. Combining, Image capture optimization, ID document verification, Face Matching and E-Signature in a modular and highly flexible workflow, AriadNEXT solutions, co-developed with scientific police specialists ensure efficiency, regulatory compliance and success in your digitization projects.



Whether it is for account opening, loan origination, KYC/AML validation or any other use case,  enterprises can leverage our IDCHECK.IO products through a simple and easy integration to speed up the onboarding process through automated form filling and document verification.

IDCHECK.IO automated ID verification API, is used by financial institutions for a fast and reliable ID document  analysis across +180 countries and thousands of documents. Using advanced AI and Machine learning techniques, IDCHECK.IO can provide deep analysis on the document authenticity within 10 seconds, allowing a fast response to the end user and a great add-on to your risk based approach.

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