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Deus Technology

About the company

Deus Technology is a Fintech enabler founded to help clients to evolve their traditional business model by adopting modern and innovative technologies, in order to become digital and automated. Two important and topical themes in which Deus Technology allows users to stand out from the crowd are: remote consultancy in total mobility and the robo advisory system, i.e. the automation of advisory. These solutions are tailored to the needs of the client, both from a functional and a front-end perspective, gathering and validating data from various information providers.

The data model is designed in order to receive personalised information for clients. The financial computing engine exposes APIs for financial calculation and functionalities that could be integrated everywhere.


  • Deus is a Fintech enabler, it operates with B2B clients and on open APIs
  • The Deus robo engine is managed by the bank according to its needs (products, scoring products, core and commercial strategies, MIFID)
  • Deus obtains information from the customer intelligence (analytics) and CRM
  • The Deus robo engine supports robo advisory and robo4advisor projects
  • The Deus robo engine manages thousand of multi asset products (stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, currency, etc.)
  • The Deus robo engine implements an heuristic model approach as algorithms specifically designed to get the customised bank advisory model
  • The Deus robo engine can work in cooperation with a “Chatbot” to implement a textual user interface to give advisory to the client


Functionality Overview

  • Profiling: behavioural questionnaire, behavioural profile, MiFID questionnaire, MiFID profile, empirical evidence of the profile from customer intelligence
  • Education: portfolio simulation, diagnosis of existing portfolio, awareness of financial risk, awareness of life goals, interactive avatar
  • Portfolio position keeping: portfolio breakdown, portfolio chart, trend scenarios graph, risk, performance, and title lists, single title data sheet, suitability check
  • Monitoring: Comparison of existing portfolio with proposal, comparison of indicators, comparison of trend assumptions, alerts on events

Deus’ value proposition was designed for banks because they need to transition to Fintech and for them, It is quite difficult to implement a «pure b2c Fintech» player into their environment because the b2c Fintech player operates in a very simple world in comparison to the bank, some examples:

  • Products: Fintech b2c has few and mainly ETFs. A bank could have 20,000 products multi-asset in advisory
  • Technological approach: Fintech b2c is mainly cloud and «as a service». The Bank wants to have client data under control.
  • Sales Policy: Fintech b2c is independent. The  Bank also needs to sell its products.
  • Targets: Fintech b2c covers retail clients. The Bank also has affluent and private clients = needs personalisation.
  • Regulations: Fintech b2c benefits from “light” rules. The Bank environment is complex.
  • Security: Fintech b2c has fewer needs. The Bank is “super secure”.

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