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About the company

The ID Co., is dedicated to creating trust online through proven identities, unlocking the true potential of the Internet so that we can all transact with greater convenience, confidence and security.

Through our global platform, businesses and consumers can share trusted data in a completely safe way, in seconds rather than days.

About the product

DirectID focuses on one time verifications with a frictionless user experience that can be embedded directly into your business process. Deployed by global and local banks, wealth management platforms and leading online lenders, DirectID delivers:

– Up to 75% reduction in application fraud
– Faster onboarding, down from 3 days to under 3 minutes
– Global coverage for business growth

DirectID combines Bank Verified Identities and live financial transaction history with bureau and other data sources to help businesses increase conversions, reduce fraud and make more accurate decisions.

Our secure, compliant and flexible platform is available as a hosted service, or integrated via our API. Reporting is user-friendly and key insights are highlighted and visualised via your personalised dashboard.

Key Features

– Global identity, bank, bureau, credit and document data and verification
– Financial data insights such as Daily Balances, Verified Income and Repayment Certainty
– ACH Payment Confirmation
– Seamless user experience with intuitive customer interface
– Flexible reporting through dashboard, PDF, XLs and raw data feeds
– Performance Analytics for conversion optimisation
– Full customisation and white labelling
– Flexible integration, API and Hosted Service
– Direct integration to decision engines and CRM

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