Electronic ID

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Electronic ID

About the company

Electronic IDentification provides capabilities for legally demonstrating by electronic means that a person is who he claims to be. Done through video conferencing, with a mobile or a computer with a camera, an internet connection and an identity card issued by a public body.

The identification process verifies the authenticity of the document and links it to the titleholder with the declared identity in an unmistakable way and with higher levels of compliance and security according to eIDAS (The European Regulation on Identification and Electronic Signature, 2016) and AML, than those achieved by the physical presence of a person in a commercial branch.


Driven by our obsession with awesome user experience, our solution does not require installations or any special sophisticated devices, allowing us to resolve the identification of the client in seconds, thus saving him the need to physically travel to offices. A client can be on-boarded in 2 minutes.

In order to offer this services, eID is a Company with a triple role: software vendor, European eTrust Service Provider and Certification Authority.

Our solution recognizes identity documents issued by public bodies, offering biometric face scoring, electronic signature and a system of data custody in an environment of trust. This supplies the custody chain with all the necessary information during the contract’s life cycle. It is easy to integrate into customer processes with the use of our Restful API which includes Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence techniques, built on top of a micro services architecture, thereby guaranteeing high availability due to an auto-scaling and self-healing approach.

5 key Benefits

1. Better client experience due to avoiding customer trips to commercial offices. The video technology works in any browser, in any country, at any moment.
2. Costs reduction due to improving the efficiency of commercial systems by increasing management availability and time in commercial offices.
3. Better return on investment in online campaigns to attract customers.
4. Better time to market by performing the conversion in only one click, including the advanced electronic signature of a document.
5. Improvement of brand image.

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