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About the company

Entersek designs mobile security and user authentication solutions that comply with the world’s most stringent compliance regulations, while enabling a low-friction user experience across all digital channels. Making the digital world a safer place is the driving force behind Entersekt’s technology, inspiring the company’s dynamic team to build innovative products that offer clients industry-leading solutions to business challenges.

• Entersekt’s technology is used in 45 countries worldwide
• More than 150 million transactions are protected by Entersekt’s technology every month
• The single largest transaction: $90 million

The technology

The company’s innovative security and authentication solutions securely unlock the potential of the online and mobile channels, allowing the end-user to transact freely in a safe, trusted environment. Using next generation push-based technology, Entersekt’s technology picks up where password-based approaches have failed, introducing an isolated channel of communication between phone and financial institution that bypasses the danger associated with relying on the open Internet.

Entersekt views its intellectual property as a secret weapon in an increasingly crowded market, filing patents for all core technologies to protect both the company and its clients. Currently, Entersekt has more than 50 patents and patents pending all over the world.

The solutions

Strong authentication
Entersekt helps clients incorporate intuitive multi-factor authentication for mobile and online banking, enabling them to meet stringent regulations with minimal friction.

Mobile app security
An app might be brilliant, but is it secure? Protecting apps from malware is key in ensuring that an institution’s security solution is always a massive leap ahead of fraudsters.

Payments enablement
Digital commerce is taking over the world, and mobile commerce is steadily gaining preference. Entersekt helps clients simplify digital payments, reducing shopping cart abandonment with an improved user experience.

Digital signing
Prevent disputes and meet compliance regulations by recording cryptographically signed records of transactions.

Biometric enablement
Supplement strong security with ultimate convenience by integrating biometric functionality into a mobile app.

Regulatory compliance
Entersekt can help clients meet even the most stringent security regulations in the digital banking and payments environments.

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