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About Eudata

Eudata operates in the world of Customer Care, providing TOP international customers with the best solutions and consultancy services. Eudata has proposed “ACT AS ONE” model that helps large enterprises to create value-added services for their customers, to cover all the moments of interaction between them, providing a unified and seamless experience across all channels.

Eudata works in partnership with the largest worldwide solution integrators and telco companies; moreover, it acts as a product vendor selling its own solution portfolio.

About the product

Eudata support organizations in creating fantastic experiences for complete customer journeys on all kinds of browsers, mobile devices (browsers or APP) or in a branch. Starting from Persistent or Real Time Chat, Eudata empowers your service managing e-mail or SMS, and Video Chat. This is enriched with the customer’s details and profile, and other technical information (IP, domain, device type, operative system, browser), and any data received from the initial form.

The Eudata collaboration kit improves the conversation, transforming it into a virtual desk, where desktops, web pages or documents can be shared. Cobrowsing enables agents to perform better: he may navigate customer’s web page in order to support and help him complete some operations.

Eudata also allows you to handle out of hour callings, or agent unavailability, by routing service to other agents or activating the callback service. All information concerning the client are easily available: his geolocation, the activities on web portal, the history of the conversation and the view on his profile.

Persistent Chat
It is a mix of traditional chat and email: a revolution for your customer service or for your branch employees. They can better manage their workload, without the duty of replying in real time.

The conversation can be started online, mobile devices and Facebook Messenger. But, if the agent needs further investigation, the customer will receive the answer through push notifications on his preferred device (web, smartphones or tablet) in a non-invasive manner. This comes together with the history of the conversation and all the capabilities available (chat, audio, video, collaboration).

Customer Onboarding
Be efficient in new customers acquisition using an online session to complete the onboarding process in less than 10 minutes. A virtual or human agent can support you during the entire process.

The video session will be recorded and stored to be available in the future. Once “on board”, customers can sign contracts with other digital information or biometrics. Using new digital channels, you offer them the opportunity to sign the official documents, without the need of going to the branch.

Artificial Intelligence (Chatbot)
Eudata’s Conversational Engine, called “Convy”, can manage simple to complex conversational workflows. It interacts recurrently with your knowledge base, to always be up to date on your customer’s inquiries, by using artificial intelligence and semantic to provide the best chatbot in the market. Convy permits to analyse enquiries and manage answers using a natural language, based on predefined workflows. The service can be configured using a guided process that instantly deploys it on the web and mobile platforms.

Push Notifications allow the user to view customer responses in non-evasive ways. The chat can also be transferred to an agent with all the history of the conversation.

Moreover, Eudata Chatbot is capable of supporting the service using channels such as email, SMS, persistent or real-time chat, and Facebook Messenger.

Expert Advisor
Along with the traditional “click to call”, Eudata has built Expert Advisor!

In this process, customers start a conversation with a company representative by planning an appointment in the calendar, or according to their presence status. Both the customer and the representative can start a conversation. Once the session is started, all the WCS channels are available to interact, from persistent chat to video chat and real time collaboration.

Customer information is available at a glance. It is possible, using the SDKs, to include the expert desktop inside an employee-facing application, to have all the tools on the same page.

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