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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Lugano (CH), Euronovate SA is a leading provider of biometric signature and digital transformation solutions. Euronovate was founded by one of the greatest experts of digitalization in the banking industry. Euronovate is an innovative Swiss company, with international presence specialized in Business Digital Transformation Solutions, through unique one-stop-shop approach: digital strategy; legal support; process consulting; design, development, production of specialized hardware; design, development of proprietary software platform and e-document cloud services.


Euronovate provides a unique one-stop- shop offer for a deep Digital Transformation Program in every business verticals. The Company has a unique native paperless product and services offering which aims to deliver successful paperless programs with the goal of eliminating from 70% to 90% of all paper managed by customers.

Euronovate’s core product offering includes: Ensoft, the biometric software solution for signing documents, ENsign10, an advanced e-signature pad and ENsign7, an advanced e-signature tablet.

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