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eWise is an international supplier of account aggregation and money management solutions. Used by global financial institutions such as the HSBC Group and Westpac, eWise products are deployed extensively across Europe, Asia and Australia to power digital banking and personal financial management apps. Founded in 2000, eWise has a client base comprising banks, insurers, wealth advisors and financial technologies (FinTechs). eWise holds patents in the US, Australia, Asia and Europe. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company has operations in Europe, Asia and Australia.


Client-side account aggregation services for secure data management

eWise invented ‘client-side’ account aggregation, a unique way for users to securely and privately, aggregate, store, manage and share their financial data. Through client-side data aggregation, consumer data is gathered from a range of sources such as loans, bank accounts, credit cards, investment portfolios, offline assets, loyalty programmes and utility companies. User personal data is subsequently encrypted and stored on a Personal Data Vault (PDV).

The PDV resides on the end-user’s chosen device and is transferable, allowing personal data to be stored on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, and shared by the end-user whenever necessary. It also uses AES-256 encryption, and cannot be blocked by aggregated institutions. The PDV can also store offline assets and liabilities such as property values and loans, which are manually entered to give consumers a holistic view of their wealth, and users do not need to disclose their online account login and password to a third-party or eWise. This gives the user ultimate data privacy and control. The technology enabling client-side data aggregation is accessed through the eWise Aegis platform.

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