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Company profile

Ezmcom Inc, founded in 2006, is a security access provider, focusing on the financial services industry. EZMCOM provides innovative and easy-to-use technology that can be deployed to protect users, data, and applications from credential theft, account takeover, and breaches. The company currently protects over 50 million+ banking end users, covering all digital channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Corporate Banking, ATM Withdrawals, Cashless withdrawals, Payments, Non-transactional activities, and SWIFT protection. EZMCOM has customers in all continents and billions of daily transactions.

The product

  • FIDO-compliant Risk based Fusion Biometric Authentication (Face, Voice & TouchID)
  • PUSH based Authentication
  • Soft token
  • PIN based Authentication


  • Risk based Adaptive Authentication
  • User Entity Behavioral Authentication (UEBA): Keyboard Dynamics
  • Knowledge based Authentication: Site to User (STU) and Q&A Challenge database
  • OOB Tokens: SMS/Email/IVR
  • OATH compliant Hardware Tokens

EZMCOM’s multilayer multi-factor “Common Criteria Certified” identity protection solution profiles online identities, self-learns, tunes itself, and converts existing username and passwords into very strong credentials. All of this is done seamlessly, in real time, transparent to the end-user.

EZMCOM’s Risk based Fusion Biometric Authentication complies to UK and EU Data privacy laws. It also ensures appropriate security enforcement for Biometric Authentication and Biometric Transaction Signing on a smartphone, without any special devices, using multiple options: Face only, TouchID only, Voice only, Either Face or Voice (Best User Experience), Both Face and Voice, and All of them together (Best Security) to meet the various needs of the banking scenario in a simple and powerful SDK.

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