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Fincite is a B2B2C fintech company following the vision of a digitized asset management. We unite financial expertise with cutting-edge technology and a digital mindset. Our software Fincite.Core is a modular wealth management suite that empowers financial service providers to build their own digital asset & wealth management applications. We develop solutions with major relevance for financial markets. With our clients, we apply tailor-made solutions. We believe in our technology approach and expertise and build start-ups based on it.


Fincite.Core consists of an interconnected system of Algorithms, managed by a Middleware and connected via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The Algorithms & features can be grouped into 6 modules.

– Connect accounts, portfolios, bank internal systems, and other assets of private or institutional clients and market data feeds for valuation.
– Analyse the portfolio with algorithms based on return, risk, diversification, costs, and further indicators.
– Allocate the customer to the right risk profile and portfolio using the bank’s product universe.
– Manage the Re-Balancing of the client’s portfolio by certain defined rules.
– Save better with simulations, analysis, goal definitions, so the client achieves saving, consumption, or retirement goals successfully.
– Interact with a selection of components, elements, charts, and many more, which can be implemented into the frontend.

Based on those modules we build tailor made solutions like for example:

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