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The Finxact team has been at the forefront of banking software for 35+ years, revolutionizing the industry in the 1990s with the first real-time core banking solution for Internet banks.  Founded in 2017 by pioneers in the industry and funded by its iconic bank customers, Finxact has introduced a cloud-native core banking platform for today’s real-time, digital-first world.

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System of Records

System of Record

Finxact’s Core as a Service is a modern digital banking system of record (SOR) for secure record keeping and processing of rich deposit, loan (and other) transactions with the integrity of system, business, and regulatory rules.  

Model Driven Architecture

To accommodate the potential velocity of changes required in a core system, the Finxact core is designed to be ‘functionally elastic’. This refers to the unique ability to accommodate broad and flexible configuration with custom authoring features. It also describes a platform that easily accommodates customization and enhancements from multiple sources to be plugged into the operating platform. To accomplish this requirement, Finxact implements a variety of novel designs and engineering features, including:

  • Model driven development – the Finxact core banking application is based on an extendable JSON schema that defines database, source code and API elements. The schema is designed to be extendable by merging 3rd party schemas or extensions with the Finxact base schema to automatically generate a unique customer instance.
  • Abstract Schema for Accounts – the Finxact schema does not specify banking accounts per se, or account of any specific type. An account contains one or more positions, which in their simplest form are units of inventory comprised of an asset type and a quantity.
  • Abstract Schema for Customers – the Finxact schema does not contain a Customer class per se. Customers are identified via a relationship between any one Person or Organization and other Persons or Organizations explicitly included in a Customer Group.
  • Model Core & API libraries – the Finxact Model API library provides 100% CRUD access (with security) to all persistent classes and objects using an industry standard access pattern. The Core API exposes application services provided as the Finxact core. Both API sets implement a Rest services interface and are easily extendable
  • SOR recordkeeping only – while the Finxact core contains a functional catalogue of banking components (e.g., interest, maturity, limits), a bank can choose to access the persistence API’s directly and implements its own logic. This option can be deployed on any subset of the schema and database.


The Finxact Core as a Service is developed in a Go runtime to deploy and maintain containerized applications at massive, on-demand scale.  It is cloud agnostic, and delivered via a SaaS model with redundancy across multiple availability zones.


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