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About the company

InAuth is the leading digital device intelligence company for a mobile-first world. InAuth delivers the most advanced device identification, risk detection, and analysis capabilities possible to help organizations limit risk, remove friction, and reduce fraud within their digital channels. With safer digital transactions, banks, payment networks, merchants, healthcare providers, governments, and other organizations are better positioned to capture new revenue opportunities and compete more effectively in an “always-on” world.


About the solutions

Mobile is transforming how consumers conduct their lives. People are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets than on desktops, and consumers are expecting businesses to bank, buy, and consume with the least amount of friction possible. A mobile-first strategy is a must to be able to service your customers within their most-used channel and compete within the marketplace. But, where there is money, there is fraud. To mitigate against digital attacks, business require real-time risk analysis and real-time decisions to protect their “always-on” customers as they transact via mobile and online.

At InAuth, we leverage over 2,000 device attributes to identify devices, detect compromise, and assess their riskiness. We help you to secure your digital transactions by understanding the trustworthiness of devices connecting to your mobile apps and through browsers.

The InAuth Security Platform

The InAuth Security Platform is a comprehensive suite of next-generation device intelligence technologies designed to authenticate, reduce risk, remove customer friction, and maximize digital transactions. The Platform includes solutions for devices transacting through mobile apps, mobile browser, and desktop browser.


InMobile provides permanent mobile device identification, device integrity screening and security features, and risk assessment for devices transacting through mobile applications. InMobile interrogates mobile devices for thousands of attributes, such as build information, media details, and usage data, using the data to create a unique and permanent device ID and uncovering high-risk indicators to understand device trustworthiness.

Working with InAuth

InAuth provides device intelligence security solutions that enhance our partners’ ability to secure all their transactions and mitigate risk. We have developed device identification solutions for mobile and browser, as well as step-up authentication technologies including one time password and biometrics using bank-grade cryptography to secure communications. We work with many of the top tier US banks, as well as many of the leading FIs across Europe.  Our unique ability to permanently identify a device is market leading and a key contributing factor to our current success.



InBrowser provides device identification and risk assessment capabilities to organizations conducting business in the browser channel using JavaScript collectors. InBrowser doesn’t just collect more data. It collects data provided to both real-time login, or transaction logic such as geographical and time attributes, plug-ins, and IP address. It uses the device attributes to create a strong device ID and uncover high-risk indicators to understand device trustworthiness.


InRisk is InAuth’s advanced device analysis and risk assessment technology used by InMobile and InBrowser. Because our mobile and browser solutions collect thousands of device attributes, we know organizations need to analyse that data in a way that is meaningful and actionable, identifying business-relevant risk information. InRisk does just that, allowing your business to manage risk, fraud, and authentication.


InAuthenticate is InAuth’s secure 2FA solution. Incorporated as part of your organization’s downloadable mobile app, InAuthenticate goes into action when additional verification is needed for step-up authentication or for sensitive transactions. It enables your organization to send a secure message through InAuth’s Trusted Path, a unique architectural feature, to a customer’s registered mobile device. The customer simply opens your mobile app to receive an authentication message and responds accordingly by confirming or denying the transaction. InAuthenticate moves beyond meaningless 6-digit, one-time passcodes by enabling necessary contextual messaging relevant to the transaction being verified.

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