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Company profile

Kontomatik believes that the financial services should be changed. However, this can only happen if the appropriate technology is in place. That is why Kontomatik developed the Banking API. The main goal is to provide the tool for the transformation of the financial industry. The financial industry should be more consumer-centric, beneficial and open for new players, technologies and products.

The product

Thanks to the data supplied by Kontomatik, the world of finance has just got itself a bank API. Through this bank API — with the user’s consent — you can download financial information about the customer or even perform transaction requests relating to accounts held at other banks. Kontomatik is developed with the greatest sense of security in mind. Every latest security practice is integrated within their application.

With the help of Kontomatik banking API, every financial organisations can now obtain the transactions, account and KYC data. This information can be used to speed the loan application process, provide the customer with the offers that are exactly matching his profile or simple to access the credit rating of the applicant. With Kontomatik you can not only satisfy the KYC requirements, but also to understand your client in a new way.

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