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Mambu is a cloud-native core banking engine driving open API-enabled architectures. We help clients to successfully start up new ventures, transform operations, launch products and expand into new markets quickly. We provide institutions of all sizes with the agility to rapidly design, launch, scale their banking and lending portfolio.

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Mambu’s technology is designed to be the driving force behind modular banking and lending businesses. Our solution manages the full product life cycle, from design to customer data and transactions. When integrated into a service-driven architecture, via our open API and apps, our clients can focus on what drives value into their business.

Mambu’s cloud-native infrastructure ensures they are easily able to bring any product to any market, scale rapidly and grow cost-effectively. Our clients are the financial institutions of the future, leveraging our platform, expert resources and constant product innovation to stay ahead in the race to stay ahead of the competitions and exceed ever evolving consumer demands.

Our modern and highly flexible product factory allows the creation and servicing of most types of retail banking and lending propositions: business financing, consumer lending, corporate lending, P2P lending, current accounts, transactional accounts, savings products and many more in over 6000 live configurations.

Our proposition differs from the traditional view of a core banking solution, in that rather than providing a full end-to-end solution, Mambu exists as a core component of a wider banking ecosystem, supported by third party modules which manage specific aspects of the banking process.

This ecosystem model is built entirely on a modular approach, with each of the components operating independently of any other but interfaced in such a way as to enable seamless data transfer between the components.

Wesupport financial institutions in being able to innovate with their products and services while also breaking the reliance on heavily customised, bespoke solutions. By adopting the modular ecosystem model, Mambu is able to form one part of a solution ecosystem which is made up of tools and products that directly align to an institution’s goals without compromising either product design or end-customer interaction.

We believe that APIs and composable architectures of best-of-breed services that rapidly evolve will enable modern banking service providers to out-innovate, out-grow, and overtake legacy-minded banks.

Mambu was built so that banks can be run like tech companies.



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