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Microblink is an R&D company with a mission to simplify data entry in mobile and web apps using camera input. Our solutions save time, cut costs, and enhance user experience in business processes by enabling real-time scanning of identity documents, credit cards, receipts, payment slips, and various tax, insurance, and healthcare forms.


Microblink is a leading provider of real-time document scanning across various industries. Our client portfolio consists of banks, financial and government institutions, telecoms, retailers, insurance, system integrators, startups, and other companies, which use our technology to streamline processes and create better user experience. Our solutions have been used by over 100 million end users worldwide.

Our products are a result of continuous research in machine learning over the course of several years. Led by strong dedication to innovation, our R&D team created a custom-made deep learning system for computer vision, which enables the fastest and most accurate results even in the most complex use cases. Our development team has tailored the technology for specific types of documents and built specialized mobile SDKs and web APIs with advanced features:

  • Speed & accuracy – all products provide blazing-fast, precise data entry into any app or website.
  • Offline & on-device processing – in all mobile SDKs, the scanning and data extraction process is done completely offline. The extracted data never leaves the device, ensuring a completely secure data entry process with no server-side interaction. Web APIs are available for on-premise or cloud integration, depending on the client’s requirements.
  • Compatibility with other solutions – all products are developed for easy integration into any existing infrastructure or system, and compatible with all verification or biometric solutions.
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