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Turning mobile camera into data catcher

Manual data input is one of the main obstacles in applications of Fintech and especially mobile banking industry. Users want that everyday tasks such as paying bills, bank transactions, account opening or ordering services are simple, fast, and achievable in any moment. MicroBlink is a research and development company focused on machine vision technology for mobile devices. We make mobile applications smarter and easier to use in different business processes by replacing manual data input with mobile and tablet camera.

Use-cases are numerous: from real-time data recognition of bills, payment slips, ID scanning to barcodes scanning and reading mathematical expressions. MicroBlink’s proprietary cutting edge mobile vision technology is used worldwide for optical character recognition in various mobile applications. The most advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques are used to develop the fastest and the most accurate text recognition using smartphone camera.


Various SDKs help improve UX in mobile apps by eliminating manual data entry. Use smartphone and other devices’ cameras to scan and read all sorts of text and numbers:
blinkID – ID scanner. Now there is new feature added, ID authentication in 3 steps: scanning both sides of ID, liveness test (random gestures), face matching (comparing ID photo and a selfie).
photopay – payment slip scanner
blinkIBAN – IBAN scanner and validator
blinkinput – various data scanner (invoices, top-ups, VIN numbers, Wi-Fi codes, loyalty cards…)

The main advantages of MicroBlink solutions:
– speed and accuracy
– offline operation (locally on a device, without internet connection)
– easy integration into any app
– customizable UI

MicroBlink’s worldwide customers’ network in over 60 countries includes banks & financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, insurance, system integrators, law enforcement, hospitality and tourism, healthcare, startups and other service and production oriented companies.

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