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About the company

The ID Co., is dedicated to creating trust online through proven identities, unlocking the true potential of the Internet so that we can all transact with greater convenience, confidence and security.

Through our global platform, businesses and consumers can share trusted data in a completely safe way, in seconds rather than days.

About the product

The miiCard Digital Passport is a persistent, consumer-centric identity that can be stored and accessed via web or mobile. Once a customer has created their miiCard, it can be easily used (just like a social login) to access a wide range of sites, prove identity and share personal information.

Key Features

Online Identity Proofing; Bank authentication in over 30 countries, direct integration to primary identity sources like government issued ID, credit rating and credit score, PEPs, sanctions, SDN and more with nightly revalidation of identities.

Personal Data Cloud; Personal data such as name, address and date of birth, real-time financial transaction data for up to 365 days, verified income, cash withdrawals and account Balances, bureau, CRA and alternative data sources, social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, virtual wallets and online trading accounts.

Strong Authentication; Including OTP over sms and voice biometrics, Geolocation and device ID, ICE data encryption, Enhanced SSL certificates and Personalised security images.

miiCard gives people the ability to verify, store and update their personal information in one place, sharing it when and where they want and provides 3 key benefits:

– Convenience
– Control
– Security

miiCard is part of a pilot with the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and the State of North Carolina, and has recently featured in a collaboration with TDL and Microsoft that allows miiCard members to log into any Azure Active Directory B2C enabled service.

Find out more at www.miicard.com

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