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Pyze helps mobile app publishers with their biggest challenge – retaining users – by automating engagement and personalization. Pyze provides behavior-based real-time insights and automated touch points to build a meaningful relationship with each user to cultivate loyalty, increase engagement and grow monetization.


Key Features

  • Behavioral Analytics provides key business indicators, real-time activity, cohorts, churn, attrition-risk, screen flow analysis, resurrection status at a glance, all without instrumentation.
  • Automated Segmentation creates meaningful segments across key usage and app specific attributes, allowing app publishers to precisely target specific user sets and conduct real-time explorations across the entire user base.
  • Growth Automation enables work-flow and behavior driven automated engagement though in- app messages, push notification, and SMS/MMS to onboard, activate, engage and retain users throughout their lifetime.
  • Contextual Marketing determines the time and place each user will be most receptive to push notifications and other touchpoints by analyzing usage patterns, context, and other key factors to deliver the right message at the right time.
  • Personalization Intelligence personalizes user experience based on behavior. Publishers can personalize all touch points, including content feeds, user interfaces, communication messages, promotions, etc.
  • Events & Funnel Analysis enables tracking specific user actions across the application and funnel analysis to understand behavior and engage with users that complete a certain set of actions. To keep publishers a running start Pyze automatically enables common app events and provides a set of curated events.


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