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Intercede, the creator of RapID, has over 20 years of experience working in the cyber security sector. Intercede enables governments, enterprise and app developers to securely authenticate the users, devices, and applications that connect to them. The company has provided solutions for US federal agencies like the FAA, the NHS in the UK, and the Kuwait government. They also serve enterprises including Boeing, Swisscom, and Giesecke – to name but a few clients.


RapID – powered by Intercede

Because of high-profile data breaches, millions of data records are compromised each year. This results in millions in lost revenues. Next to this, even more millions are being spent trying to regain user confidence after an attack. Many of the hacks can be blamed on inadequate user authentication. For example, using the vulnerable username + password convention. Intercede believes this has to stop. Cyber security has to start with identity and authentication, especially in mobile. It’s about knowing that your users, their devices, and apps are who and what they claim to be!

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