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SaleMove, founded in 2012, is an award winning enterprise software company. They focus on enabling companies to meet or exceed the in-person customer experience online.


The product

The SaleMove Engagement Platform is a true omnichannel communication solution. This solution allows companies to identify and engage with high-value website visitors through chat, voice, video, and guided co-browsing. Companies leverage SaleMove to increase conversions, improve support, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Monitor Behavior – Learn the customer’s habits and preferences to impress them with personalized recommendations.
  • Start a Live Engagement – Send and receive video, voice or chat engagements at the ideal time in the customer’s browsing session.
  • Create an Interactive, Modern Experience- Use audio, video, and text chat to speak with your customer live and guide them using shared browsing control.
  • Move the Customer- Guide your customer through the sale and rest assured that your foresight will bring them back!
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