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Company profile

SaleMove, founded in 2012, is an award winning enterprise software company. They focus on enabling companies to meet or exceed the in-person customer experience online.

The product

The SaleMove Engagement Platform is a true omnichannel communication solution. This solution allows companies to identify and engage with high-value website visitors through chat, voice, video, and guided co-browsing. Companies leverage SaleMove to increase conversions, improve support, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Monitor Behavior – Learn the customer’s habits and preferences to impress them with personalized recommendations.
  • Start a Live Engagement – Send and receive video, voice or chat engagements at the ideal time in the customer’s browsing session.
  • Create an Interactive, Modern Experience- Use audio, video, and text chat to speak with your customer live and guide them using shared browsing control.
  • Move the Customer- Guide your customer through the sale and rest assured that your foresight will bring them back!

Use cases & accolades

SaleMove is an award winning software company and a two-time Finovate “Best of Show” winner

SaleMove increased online claim form conversion 300% for a top five insurance company to on their corporate site by having an online helpdesk walk online visitors through the eClaims process

SaleMove works with a Fortune 500 insurance company to allow thousands of their agents to connect with their consumers through their personal sites

SaleMove helped an alternative lending company to convert more traffic with their online approval option by having an agent walk online visitors successfully through the online application process

SaleMove engaged with a Fortune 100 company convert more traffic from their corporate website to their subsequent sites by having a customer service agent answer questions through video

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