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Sensibill provides everyday financial tools and SKU-level data that helps banks and credit unions better know and serve their customers. The solution enables end users to more easily track spending and manage their finances, while unlocking unprecedented insights for the institution.  Sensibill has partnered with over 80 financial institutions across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.


The Sensibill Solution

Managing and reconciling receipts is a universal hassle. Whether you’re managing personal finances, household budgets, or preparing for tax season as a small business owner, Sensibill provides a simple, digitized way to proactively manage receipts within your existing digital banking app. Features include:

  • Capture paper and digital receipts
  • Automatic receipt categorization
  • SKU-level data extraction
  • Automatic expense to transaction reconciliation
  • Exportable to PDF, XLS, and CSV

Gain unprecedented insights & ROI with Sensibill

Sensibill leverages real time SKU-level data to provide reliable insights into who your customers are. See exactly what they buy, for what purpose, and how they prefer to pay – all to reveal: life events, lifestyles, payment preferences, and other behavioral patterns.

Stickier customers

Sensibill’s solution has best-in-class customer satisfaction. Our partners have experienced a 13 point jump in NPS and up to 16x less churn after launching our Receipts solution.

Generate engagement

A Sensibill implementation immediately boosts customer engagement and app logins. Receipts users are twice as engaged and login 30% more relative to the average user.

Boost targeted marketing

Financial institutions and partners leverage Sensibill data to generate more targeted marketing campaigns and relevant product offerings – ultimately helping customers make more informed financial decisions.

Drive customer profitability

Financial institutions that have partnered with Sensibill have experienced up to 3x more transaction activity and users that are 11% more likely to become primary customers. Our powerful data helps surface hidden segments like SMBs, gig-workers, and household managers whose needs aren’t being met through traditional banking lines.

Trusted by over 80 financial institutions including Chase, NatWest and Metro Bank.


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