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Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers could see not just their transactions but what they actually bought? Imagine how much easier it would be for them to understand their purchases. How much faster it would be to complete expense reports, accounting records, or tax forms.

This is the value that you can offer by partnering with Sensibill.


Used by some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Sensibill’s receipt management solution makes it easy for bank customers to access paper and email receipts in their mobile banking app. Proprietary, deep-learning based algorithms convert them into 150+ different data types and automatically match them to bank transactions. Receipts are quick to retrieve for returns and warranty claims, or to export for various administrative tasks.

User-friendly receipts keep customers more invested with your brand. They also add depth and breadth to your transaction data: items and store locations, business spend from personal accounts, even visibility into transactions made with cash or competitor cards (up to 30% of all captured receipt spend).


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