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Sensibill provides everyday financial tools that make SKU-level data actionable, equipping financial institutions with personalized insights to help their customers build healthier financial habits. OurAI-powered platform enables end-users to easily track spending and manage their finances while unlocking unprecedented insights for the institution. Sensibill has rolled out its solutions to over 60 million users across North America and the U.K.


The Sensibill Solution

The Sensibill Platform bridges the gap between everyday spend and long-term financial wellness, empowering financial institutions with the deepest levels of spend data and insights, beyond the traditional transaction-level data currently available, that are needed to nurture financially resilient customers that bank with them for life.

Spend Manager: Solving everyday problems for end-user

  • With Spend Manager, Sensibill makes tracking everyday expenses quicker and easier, helping end-users build healthier financial habits. The solution delivers instant achievements and individual, behavior-based tips to create strong incentives for users to share more receipts. Users then receive personalized recommendations that support them across every life stage and unique financial need.
  • With Sensibill, banks and credit unions can proactively help customers save money and optimize their everyday spend by tracking their transactions, collecting insights into warranties and returns, categorizing purchases as well as providing personalized tips and insights based on individual’s spend (e.g., tax tips), optimizing budgets and bulk purchase suggestions, and much more.
  • Sensibill eliminates the headache and hassle of paper receipts and makes handling and managing them simpler and more meaningful. With the solution, users can digitize receipt management within their existing digital banking app, simplifying and modernizing a traditionally cumbersome experience.
  • With Sensibill, customers save time dedicated to managing and analyzing physical receipts and save costs that were once lost to unfulfilled warranties or postponed exchanges.

Spend Insights: Providing unprecedented insights to financial institutions

  • With the Sensibill Platform, banks and credit unions can go beneath the surface of customer data, down to the SKU-level, to better understand their customers. 
  • Built on advanced AI and machine learning-driven technology, Spend Insights combines a customer’s receipt and transaction data, then aggregates and analyzes the information through models to determine custom segments, revealing key insights into life stages, lifestyles, psychographics, brand loyalties, behaviors, values, and urgent financial needs.
  • Sensibill has access to the deepest level of purchase-level data available, enabling them to uncover insights faster and more accurately than anyone else.
  • Sensibill can use customers’ data to determine segments, helping institutions personalize relevant products and services. This level of segmentation enables banks and credit unions to create and execute more sophisticated and effective targeted marketing and communication campaigns, ultimately strengthening overall digital engagement and customer loyalty. 
  • Institutions can use their data and the SKU-level insights provided by Sensibill to help their customers make smarter and healthier financial decisions. This ultimately grows loyalty and market share while making financial wellness attainable for all.

Trusted by over 130 financial institutions including Chase, NatWest and Metro Bank.


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