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Company profile

SuiteBox was created in 2013 and it is a solution that harnesses the power of video conferencing. This comes with the ability to share and digitally sign a document in a private, virtual room. Financial advisors use SuiteBox’s solution worldwide as an alternative to physical meetings and so saves time and money.

About the product

A meeting allows users to do everything they would in a face-to- face meeting, but in a virtual context. This is because users can pass back and forth documents, amend documents and sign documents. SuiteBox has everything advisors need to maintain relationships with their clients, plus it takes away the requirement to physically go to meetings and handle paper.


From a banking perspective, SuiteBox fills the niche that exists in communications channels between the call-centre and face-to- face meetings. SuiteBox can easily be integrated into existing CRM systems and so can remove entire steps in business processes, thereby saving significant costs.

SuiteBox has been architected to be completely secure and fulfils all regulatory requirements around digital signatures, so financial advisors can be sure that any meetings they conduct using SuiteBox are completely private.

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