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ThreatMark is the world’s first full-stack fraud prevention and seamless authentication service that uses its own research in behavioral biometrics and latest advances in machine learning to distinguish legitimate customers from cybercriminals, in real time.


Minimize Fraud and Credit Risks
ThreatMark can detect modern online frauds including social engineering, phishing and zero-day attacks, and evaluate users‘ credibility by their behavior.

Strike a balance between security and usability
ThreatMark adds an extra layer of protection to established login system, which keeps your users safe without the hassle (and cost) of two-factor authentication.

Stay compliant with regulations
ThreatMark was created with business and regulatory requirements in mind, so it will ensure compliance, no matter how strict and difficult to follow the regulations.

Banks, payment and transaction providers, online & mobile stores
Use the ThreatMark Digital Identity Sensing Solution to significantly reduce fraudulent transactions and protect online users against cyber threats, such as Web hacking, Phishing, Malware, Remote Access Trojans (RAT), Account Takeovers, Man-in-the-Browser (MitB), Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), and even hard to catch Social Engineering attacks.



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