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Tink is empowering our banking and fintech partners to build data-driven, customer-focused financial services across 10 European markets (and counting). Paired with a self-service portal that gives thousands of developers try-before-you-buy access to our tech, we are levelling the playing field and allowing anyone to build the future of financial services – using one platform and one API.


Each of Tink’s four products enables you to drive increased customer and business value. But all of them combined can transform banking as we know it – and bring more valuable services to millions of consumers.

Account Aggregation

Get access to the complete range of your customers’ financial data – and find hidden assets, fill product gaps and replace competitor products.

  • Our aggregation goes beyond the scope of PSD2, adding loans, investments and mortgage data to the mix.
  • We offer better quality, reliability and speed compared to ‘screen scraping’ methods,  with a combination of open APIs and our reverse-engineered APIs.


Data Enrichment

All of our aggregated data is enriched using our categorisation engine – allowing you to build better and more useful PFM features.

  • Our engine categorises from any data source in 10 markets and counting.
  • Our machine-learning algorithm adapts our categorisation to each user and takes into account their re-categorisation preferences.
  • We constantly iterate and improve the algorithm using live customer data, allowing us to offer a higher level of accuracy.


Personal Finance Management (PFM)

Offer predictive and personalised advice with our PFM – and match your products and services with the right customers.

  • We’ve taken PFM to the next level, using machine learning to generate financial insights that are tailored to each individual.
  • These predictive insights anticipate future behaviour – and are paired with recommended actions so you can help customers manage their money better.
  • We’ve been fine-tuning our PFM for six years to make high-quality advisory features and insights a reality.


Payment Initiation

This is the cornerstone of banking in the future, allowing customers to bank with anyone – from anywhere.

  • When you aggregate data, Payment Initiation is the natural next step that makes your offers actionable – and lets your customers do something with the data and insights you provide.
  • Customers can move money with a click – making transfers, paying bills or initiating payments to and from any bank account, at any bank.
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