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Company profile

unblu is a live engagement vendor focused on the banking vertical. They provide highly secure collaboration software, enabling banks to substantially enrich the digital experience of their clients. Using unblu’s suite helps to increase revenue and efficiency while reducing costs and improving digital customer interaction. Clients using our technology have been able to cut customer support calls in half, achieve four times as many client meetings as in branches, increase customer satisfaction considerably and produce a 90% recommendation rate. In this way, unblu is helping to transform the future of online banking.

About the product

The aim and proven value of unblu’s technology is to significantly reduce the time spent on support cases, increase client on-boarding and first resolution rates and provide an unrivalled customer engagement solution which is intuitive and easy to use. All of this within a secure environment.

The collaboration suite which includes embedded and universal co-browsing, chat, live chat, video and document sharing can be integrated without altering the data flow between the customer and the web application. No additional ports or channels are necessary and all communication runs over secure sockets layer. Put simply, all security certification already achieved by the client application remains in place.

Unblu does not require any software installation, browser plugin or JVM to run. It is a lightweight application which runs completely inside a standard browser. This also ensures, that only browser content is shared, no further content on the machine of the visitor is accessible or visible to the agent. In fact, the application can be configured so that every field and button can be controlled to indicate whether it is visible, invisible, clickable or not clickable for the agent ensuring maximum, auditable compliance. The unblu collaboration suite is available as a cloud solution, or alternatively as an on-premise solution for regulated industries where security and adherence to data privacy standards are critical.

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