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About the company

W.UP is the digital sales company for banks: its solutions enables retail banks to boost their digital sales and to offer better user experience. Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, our team of highly skilled fintech specialists develop innovative and smart solutions to create a happy digital banking experience worldwide. Our 15+ years of experience allows for fast implementations, turning ideas into projects and projects into success stories – on time and on budget.

About the solution

Sales.UP: Personalised digital sales

  • Uses pre-built customer insights to create relevant, personalised and timely interactions with clients
  • Makes big data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning work for your bank to boost digital sales and client engagement
  • Is a core system-agnostic, SaaS-based solution, with a 3-month implementation period to any legacy system
  • Includes Data Universe, Insight Engine + Insight Store with pre-built actionable insights plus Campaign Management building on our 15+ years of frontend-developing experience

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